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Painters Campbell, IA

We know it can be difficult to find painting contractors in and around Campbell, IA, and many things to consider. Are they highly rated? What kind of experience do they have? Can they get the job done on my timeline?

Painters Campbell, Iowa is the painting contractor that you have been looking for. We are a Des Moines-based exterior and interior painting company that will take the hassle out of your next painting job.

Painters Campbell is known for its professionalism throughout Campbell. We are the best highly-rated professional painting company specializing in exterior and interior painting for residential and commercial projects. We also service the following cities: Clive, West Des Moines, Crestwood, Urbandale, Windsor Heights, Commerce, Grimes, Johnston, Des Moines, Saylorville.

Residential House Painting Campbell

Painters Campbell offers a wide range of exterior and interior home painting services. Regardless of the number of rooms in your house that needs updating or how exposed your home is to Mother Nature, our team will work with you to find the best solution for your home.

Painting your home can make a big difference in your life. We can help you, whether you’re buying your first home or have been living in your home for a long time.

Exterior House Painting

We are a reliable team of exterior painting specialists who will take on your painting projects. With years of experience painting many surfaces, such as brick, stucco, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, vinyl or aluminum siding, cedar shingles, and garage doors, we know how to get the job done right.

We have spent many years in the exterior paint industry and learned that honesty, integrity, reliability, and attention to detail are what you need from your home-painting contractor. We have created a specific process that we use to tackle home painting projects in an effort to address those needs. Power washing is the first and most important step in exterior painting. Painters Campbell uses the power washer to remove old paint, oil, and mold so that new paint absorbs better into the surface.

We are known for residential exterior and interior painting, and we also offer wood/deck staining, wood/siding repair, and EPA lead repairs. We not only bring our highly-qualified team of painters, but we also purchase the best materials and guarantee a quality job.

Interior House Painting

Professional results are essential when it comes to painting the interior of your home, and you deserve expert service and a flawless finish on your painting project. Our interior painting services are efficient, thorough, and high quality.

The most used surfaces in your home (cabinets, railings, doors) get a lot of wear and tear over the years. You will be awed at how a fresh coat of paint can really change the look and feel. Painters Campbell will work with you to create a finish or paint that suits your home and daily life.

Water damage? Holes in your drywall? The Painters Campbell crew can repair or prime your walls if there is water damage.

The painting process can be exhausting. However, hiring a reliable and trustworthy painter will ensure that your interior house painting is done correctly and with attention to detail. By avoiding the common mistakes made in DIY painting, we can help you cut costs.

Hire A Professional Campbell Painter And Experience High Quality and Work Done Right The First Time

Commercial Painting Campbell

Painters Campbell is the best choice if you are looking for a commercial painting contractor who is experienced and knowledgeable. Painters Campbell has over three decades of experience painting commercial and multi-family homes. We are well-versed in the process, which means we can deliver high-quality painting projects on time and within budget.

Our multi-family and building commercial painting projects must be completed within the timeframes and budgets of our customers. They are often larger and more complex projects that require careful scheduling, constant communication, and safety precautions.

Painters Campbell has all the experience and knowledge to finish your project to your exact specifications, the first time. Our expert team has years of experience in a wide range of commercial projects throughout Iowa. We work hard to complete your project on time and within budget.

Insurance and Safety

Our reputation as a commercial painting contractor is one that we are proud of. We have full General Liability and Workers’ Compensation, and we are committed to maintaining a safe and clean work environment for our customers as well as our partners.

It is our policy to create safe working conditions for all employees. We adhere to all Federal, State, and Local regulations.

Townhomes and Condos

We know how to produce a high-value condo project which has earned us the trust of many Iowa residents and property managers. Our team is dependable and highly skilled, with integrity that exceeds that of our competitors in the Campbell area. We are able to paint large interior and exterior condos at a reasonable price, while also providing unsurpassed project management and worry-free scheduling.

Let Painters Campbell show you how easy it can be to increase the value of your condo or townhome by painting both its interior and exterior. With beautiful, well-maintained appearances and up-to-date colors, you will have more cash in your pocket.

Office Buildings

Did you know that your workplace aesthetics can have a significant impact on the mood and performance of your employees? Your customers, clients, and employees are all affected by the appearance of your office space. A welcoming and modern office space can increase productivity and a contented work environment. 

We can transform your building into a welcoming and professional environment for all who visit it. Our office painting projects require careful planning, constant communication, and a dedication to safety procedures. We work with our customers to meet their strict deadlines and budgets. Painters Campbell is the best provider of high-quality office painting services in Iowa.

Shopping Centers

Painters Campbell offers the best shopping center painting services in Iowa. Your brand’s image has a significant impact on its success. This influences the perception of your business and how customers perceive you. It is no surprise that well-maintained strip malls and retail shopping centers attract more customers than those that have been neglected.

Interior or exterior painting can give your retail space a facelift that will attract new customers as well as the attention of the competition. We only use the best products in the industry, and we are focused on making sure that your tenants have the best experience possible.

Let us show you how easy it can be to increase the property’s value with a fresh coat of paint!

Staining Services Campbell

Expert painters know the difference between applying paint or stain. Stain is more durable and can withstand harsh weathering conditions. Our stain is applied using an advanced technique to ensure that the wood is fully covered to protect against sun damage and weathering.

Residential Deck Staining

The process of staining wood is multifaceted and requires a lot of preparation. This includes everything from choosing the right sandpaper and grit to preconditioning the wood. It can be difficult and time-consuming to match different wood types to one color, but we will work with you to find the perfect color for your project.

Stain needs to penetrate the wood which allows it to protect your exterior wood surfaces. Stain is a great option for exterior decks and rails because of its ability to absorb stain. When staining fencing or decks, we recommend that you use semi-solid stains every three to five year. Because they are resistant to the sun’s harmful rays, these stains will last for years without causing wood to rot. With our knowledge and diligent processes, you will enjoy quality protection for many years to come. 

Deck Staining Service

One of the most popular types of staining projects is Deck staining. Deck staining begins with deck cleaning and deck stain removal. Deck strippers are safe for plants around the deck. These products are also pet-friendly so that your pets can return to your property or home after the work is done.

Solid deck stains, an oil-based product, penetrate into the wood grain to provide premium protection against sun exposure and mildewing.

Semi-solid deck stains are oil-based and penetrate wood surfaces and provide protection from sun exposure and mildewing, like solid deck stains. However, semi-solid deck staining is generally easier than solid deck staining because they penetrate wood surfaces into their grain patterns, such as redwood and cedar. Solid deck stains may not penetrate as well on decks with deeper grain patterns.

We use a deck cleaner and power washing to clean an older deck before staining it. This product will remove any dirt, mildew or other contaminants from your deck surface, resulting in a new stain job and a durable deck stain coating. This product is extremely effective for staining decks older than 10 years. It can remove any hardened debris that prevents proper staining.


About Painters Campbell

We have been around Campbell and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Painters Des Moines is dedicated to providing professional painting services that satisfy all of our customers.

We are a family-owned business that serves Campbell. We focus on learning your needs and designing a paint project to meet them. Our mission is to provide high-quality painting services to our customers and a safe work environment for our employees.

We love Campbell and are honored to serve the residents of the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my painting project take?

Depends. The size of the job will determine the length of time it takes to complete a project. There may be other factors too. For example, an exterior paint job requires assessing the current condition of the property, efforts to clean and restore prior to beginning painting and weather. For interior painting, we assume it will take about 30-60 minutes for one coat of paint. This does not include prep, moving furniture or wall décor or trim.  We are happy to provide a FREE ESTIMATE of your property to assess the length of the project.

Does painting my house increase the value?

A home’s curb appeal is an important design aspect. It is an easy and cost-effective way to make a first impression on potential buyers by painting the exterior of your home. claims that exterior painting can increase your home’s market value by up to 200 percent and help you resell it. You can also paint trim, gutters, and windowsills to give your home a fresh look.

There are so many colors! How do I choose?

We realize that paint colors can be overwhelming. We have a team available to help you choose the right color for your paint project and we will check with you throughout the process to ensure you are happy with it!

What’s the painting process?

Most projects will follow a 5 step process but each job is unique!

1. Cleaning and Moving – For interior jobs, your furniture will be moved out of the way and covered, wall décor will be removed and we will cover the carpet with plastic to ensure your home stays clean. For exterior projects, we will wash the surface to be painted.

2. Prep – We will assess the painting area and fill holes and cracks and make minor repairs. If major repairs are warranted, we will discuss it the homeowner.

3. Paint – Apply primer, if needed, and PAINT!

4. Clean Up – We always want to leave your home cleaner than we arrived. We will bring all the supplies needed to clean up after ourselves.

5. Walk through – Before we leave, we will ask you to inspect the job, ask questions and let us know if there is anything that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Our Service Area

We serve all of the Campbell areas including the following towns Clive, West Des Moines, Crestwood, Urbandale, Windsor Heights, Commerce, Grimes, Johnston, Des Moines, Saylorville.

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